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What does this universe mean for me? It has kept me hostage ever since the first book, Metro 2033, which marked the shift of my art style towards postapocalyptic hardcore!
When I learned of the upcoming game, my oy knew no bounds, and I can still remember the emotions I felt and the words I said climbing the ruins of Ostankino tower "What a cool game, I can’t believe our guys made this!". The best proof of my dedication is probably the fact that I spent two years trying to somehow work with you or Dmitry Glukhovsky. I somewhat succeeded, working on art for the Metro 2035 universe books! And yes, I still have my mind set on joining your team!

Of course, the announcement of EXODUS has completely blown me away, seeing the entirety of Russia and getting immerse in Artyom’s journey again is incredibly cool!



Roanoke Gaming


The Metro series is a set of games that holds a special place in my mind and forever will. I remember playing through the originals after randomly happening upon them at a store. Little did I know Metro 2033 was simply the beginning for me. Now with Metro Exodus on the horizon I meet the game with a channel and a growing passion for the series as a whole. Why do I deserve the Artyom Edition? Because I believe when it comes to these games, regardless of if I win or not, I will continue to love them, talk about them, and dive into any lore I can.

The channel I run specifically dives into the Biology of the creatures in Metro. And what I am most excited about, is the morphological changes which could suggest even more, hidden or overlooked information. Exodus To me represents the continuation of a universe, and the boundless information contained within!





METRO series is an essential thing to me.
By getting a Artyom Edition my collection will be nearing completion
As a fan of one of the Metro series, I am very happy as a collector.
I waited for several years for the latest work.
I will continue to love Metro and keep playing, both in the future and from now on.
Thanks to the author Dmitry Glukhovsky. Thanks to everyone involved in the production of the Metro series.





To possess an item from an in-game universe is nothing short of dream worthy. To me Metro is a story of realistic expectations and outcomes and is very much about normal people going beyond their own perceived limits to make the lives of those around them more bearable. It is a story of not one man but many men, women, and children and how the world changing has changed them, or even humanity, as a species. Metro is a story about forgiveness and vengeance and knowing which outweighs the other. It’s about finding one's own humanity as the games encourage you to do and the books paint perfectly as an image.

My biggest wish for these custom Artyom Editions of my most beloved videogame and book series is that they go to true fans, even if those fans do not include me, I would be very happy either way.

Metro is the very reason I can be in a dark place, both physically and mentally, and come out feeling strong. Its story is timeless and is painful and makes you appreciate the chance of redemption and hope that shines through slim cracks from the surface.





As a musician, I can't say less about the Metro series than that it has amazing soundtracks, which I enjoy playing on the guitar. A great story accompanied by great music creates a great game!





We love the metro 2033 series of games. Always inspired by the items from the game. We want to make all the weapons from metro 2033 game and we are going to this goal




Prop Builds

I was introduced to the world of Metro by chance. One day I was flipping through game cases when I stumbled upon this box. It had a red Russian guy in a gas mask on it and it said it was about a post-apocalyptic Moscow. As a long time fan of anything post-apocalyptic I decided to give it a chance. Its world and storyline sucked me in immediately.

Years later, I started building cosplay props for myself and others too. Chance would have it (a second time!) that another fan came along and asked me to build him the duplet shotgun. I have been building Metro props ever since.

And now Exodus is about to come out and I'm really hyped. It feels like after all the hard work of building this franchise Metro is finally about to make it to the big league. And I'm glad I get to witness it.



Zone Rats

Cosplay and LARP

There is a lot of sources to get inspired by when it comes to postapocalyptic genre, but Metro series is special. Dmitry Glukhovsky described beautifly the psyche of people living in a rough underground world of Moscow metro. Where people have to fight to fulfill their basic needs, the unnecessary cruelty people are capable of and the never-ending paranoia and fear. And developers of Metro games turned picture of this world we all formed with our imagination into living, breathing world we love to explore.

So when we were discussing what to do as our next project, Metro was a clear choice. We hope our photos add another layer to the Metro experience we all share.



Cohh Carnage


Cohh Carnage lives and breathes post-apocalyptic games. Having been an avid fan since Fallout 1 & the original Deus Ex, he has been seeking out and fully completing titles like Metro for over two decades. When he found the original Metro 2033, it was love at first sight.

Now a streamer of over 5 years, Cohh has played through the Metro franchise 4+ times, even doing fun runs just be able to fully experience the game (hardest difficulty/no kill runs). He is also planning a full run of the Redux versions before his 100% run of Exodus just around the corner.

The Metro franchise holds a special place in Cohhs heart. Combing both his love of first person adventures plus an extremely well developed world and lore system, he's been a rabid Meteo fan since day one. He's said repeatedly that Metro is his most anticipated FPS of the year and can't wait to get his hands on Exodus!



Evgeni Kungur


I have long liked the theme of post-apocalypse, in games, movies, books. Metro Universe is my favorite. Metro is one of the reasons I began to study and work in the field of digital art. I always wanted to become a member and take some part in the creation of this universe. When the Metro Exodus official trailer was released, I postponed my projects and decided to make a series of fan art dedicated to the three main characters. And when I finished, I shared them with people so that everyone could put a picture on the screen saver or print it. Ability to get Artyom Edition is the ultimate dream. This is an unprecedented opportunity to fulfill an old dream, to officially touch the Metro world, to feel like a full participant in the universe.





The Collector's Edition includes:

  • Premium Artyom Resin Statue
  • Artyom's Memories Postcards
  • Authentic Spartan Order Dog Tag
  • Authentic Spartan Order Patches
  • Bespoke Barrel Packaging



  • "Metro Exodus" Game Disc
  • "Metro Exodus" Expansion Pass
  • Exclusive Steelbook
  • "The World of Metro" Art Book
  • Bespoke Metal Case inspired by The Aurora


  • "Metro Exodus" Game
  • "Metro Exodus" Expansion Pass

Expansion Pass includes:

  • The Two Colonels - Summer 2019
  • Sam's Story - Early 2020