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"Too many lives have already been sacrificed..."

Colonel Miller lost his legs in the battle for D6, but this hasn't slowed him down. Equipped with new metal legs, and as stubborn as ever, he is the commander of the Aurora. Always the military figure, he is rational, calculating and often harsh. Mission success is at the top of Miller’s priority list, but he deeply cares for the Spartans whom, along with Anna, he considers his family.

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The Collector's Edition includes:

  • Premium Artyom Resin Statue
  • Artyom's Memories Postcards
  • Authentic Spartan Order Dog Tag
  • Authentic Spartan Order Patches
  • Bespoke Barrel Packaging



  • "Metro Exodus" Game Disc
  • "Metro Exodus" Expansion Pass
  • Exclusive Steelbook
  • "The World of Metro" Art Book
  • Bespoke Metal Case inspired by The Aurora


  • "Metro Exodus" Game
  • "Metro Exodus" Expansion Pass

Expansion Pass includes:

  • The Two Colonels - Summer 2019
  • Sam's Story - Early 2020
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